Voedingsdeskundige bij Thalasso El Palasiet over gewichtsverlies

Irene Dominguez, jij bent de interne voedingsdeskundige van Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet en verantwoordelijk voor de weightloss-programma’s. Kunt u ons wat meer informatie geven over uw gewichtsverliesprogramma’s in combinatie met Thalasso-therapie? De weightloss-programma’s zijn de meest grondige en complete programma’s die we aanbieden. Tijdens het verblijf worden cliënten zich zeer bewust van het […]

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Balneario de Archena: gewichtsverlies & thermaal water

Dr. Valenzuela, u bent de dokter in Balneario de Archena, waar speciale programma’s voor afvallen worden aangeboden. Ja, mijn naam is Mari Carmen Valenzuela en ik ben de dokter in Balneario de Archena. Ik ben gespecialiseerd in medische hydrologie en voeding en ben naar Balneario de Archena gekomen om deel uit te maken van het […]

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Reis terug in de tijd…

Zoals je al weet, bezoeken we hier bij SIS alle locaties die wij jullie aanbieden! Niet alleen omdat we graag reizen en een passie hebben voor Wellness, maar ook omdat we het super belangrijk vinden om jullie uit de eerste hand te kunnen vertellen wat je op elke locatie kan vinden en om diezelfde ervaring […]

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Luxury and Comfort at los Monteros Hotel & Spa

Hotel Los Monteros in Marbella by SIS Spa in Spain

You might think that we´re always raving on about the wide range of Spas, Wellness Hotels and hidden gems that Spain has to offer, guilty as charged, we might be somewhat biased but hey, it´s true there are just so many that need their own shout out! The offer of good slimming and detox programs […]

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10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

SIS Spa in Spain 10 tips to avoid holiday weight gain

The festive season is fast approaching and it´s a time that is often complicated for people trying to watch their weight or those on a diet. Many struggle with the question: ¨how can we avoid holiday weight gain during this time of the year?¨. Our beloved Maria José Moreno, Head of Nutrition at the Hotel […]

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Balneario de Archena, travel back in time

As you already know, here at SIS we loooooove to visit all the venues that we offer you! Not only because we love to travel and have a passion for all things Wellness but also because we believe it is super important to be able to tell you first-hand what you will find in each location […]

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Weight loss through Electro Bio stimulation

Electro Bio Stimulation GEM Wellness

Whilst we all know that doing physical exercise is good for our health, as it keeps us fit and helps us maintain a stable weight, there are people who just find it hard to exercise due to injury or being overweight.  For those looking to lose some unwanted kilos, following a healthy diet and exercise […]

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The latest technologies: DEXA and INDIBA

Dexa treatment Healthouse Las Dunas via SIS Spa in Spain

The team at Healthouse Las Dunas ***** never cease to amaze us in their dedication to improving their programs, making them more complete and taking advantage of the latest technological advances. From now on, some of their programs include INDIBA and DEXA sessions. But what is that? Well these treatments are the newest technologies applied […]

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Weight or Detox = GEM Wellness & Spa

Detox and Weight Loss at GEM Wellness & Spa

Today we are going to talk about a small gem in the Mediterranean, in the heart of the Costa Brava near to Girona and Barcelona. At the GEM Wellness & Spa everything is about pampering your body, detox, slimming, cleansing and resting. It is a simple place, immaculately clean but without great luxuries offering you […]

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The importance of a diet plan

A healthy diet plan at Hotel Los Monteros in Marbella, Spain

Which strategy is the best for effective weight loss? Well, it all starts with a proper healthy diet plan. Before deciding what type of diet is the right one for you, it is recommended that you consult a nutrition and dietetic specialist so they can help organise your diet correctly. A nutritionist for example, will […]

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